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How home healthcare after a hospital discharge improves lives of the elderly.

It has long been known that providing home healthcare after a medical procedure is better for the elderly but now a study has conclusively proven it as well. According to a study published in November 2017, patients who received elderly home healthcare had much better results recovering from a medical procedure, compared to those who did not.

The study included studying the experience of 11,266 patients who had been discharged from hospitals. Their progress was then measured by looking at their subsequent hospital visits. The results were surprising. Researchers found that on average, home healthcare saved people around $6000 per year. This is because home healthcare resulted in the mitigation of unnecessary hospital visits, including emergency room visits, which are very costly.

However, much more importantly than the money, home healthcare also improved the health of the patients. Patients who received home care were much less likely to be hospitalized again. Amazingly, they were also less likely to die after being discharged from the hospital.

The reasons for this are obvious. Home health care allows regular checkups and attention, which will naturally improve the health of the patient. More importantly, it allows checkups for things for which people may not go to the doctor. Home healthcare means that even the smallest medical issue can be discussed with the home healthcare provider. Patients try to avoid hospital visits, which is why home healthcare makes so much of a difference.

90% of Doctors think home healthcare reduces ‘unnecessary hospitalizations’.

When it comes to healthcare it is always a good idea to listen to the doctors, the true specialists of the field. When you are assessing the need of home care, doctors are great for giving you the right insights. They know what helps and what doesn’t. A recent study wanted to assess the opinions of doctors about home healthcare and the results will surprise you.

When asked why they are interested in home healthcare, 90% of them said one of the top three motivators they had for supporting home healthcare was the reduction of unnecessary hospitalization. There are many patients who just need to be looked after by a trained person. They don’t need to be in the hospital, away from all their loved ones. They don’t need to occupy a bed in the hospital which can be used for someone else. All they need is regular checkups, and that can be easily done through home healthcare.

Another surprising thing was why doctors didn’t recommend home healthcare. They were asked what was challenging about home healthcare and what stopped them from recommending home healthcare. In reply to this question, 77% of the doctors listed unavailability of home healthcare services as one of their top challenges. They wanted to recommend home healthcare to patients but there just weren’t any services around them.

This just reaffirms our beliefs that home healthcare is the future and we need to grow it as much as we can.

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